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This course is a one loop course for the Sprint and a two loop swim for the Olympic .  Lifeguards and divers will be on the course to ensure athlete safety.


ABOVE: Leaving transition cyclists turn left on Columbia Valley Hwy which turns into Cultus Lake Rd. and ride out of Cultus Lake Park. At the intersection cyclists turn left and now ride west on Vedder Mountain Rd. towards Yarrow.

  ABOVE: Vedder Mountain Road heading towards Yarrow.

 ABOVE: Wide shoulder bike lane all the way to Yarrow as seen above.


ABOVE: After just crossing the railway tracks, the road becomes Yarrow Central Road. The road narrows slightly through Yarrow - please be mindful of local traffic as it is an open course. Local area church congregations will be notified prior to race day.  The Sprint turnaround is just before the Olympic athletes turn Right on to No 3 Rd, near the Esso Station.

ABOVE: Olympic athletes will turn right from Yarrow Central Rd on to No 3 Rd and follow it around.  There will then be a right turn on to Boundary Rd which will curve around to No 2 Rd.  You will then turn right on to Tolmie Rd which will loop around to No 1 Rd. The road then turns into Inter Provincial Highway where you will be riding parallel to the Trans Canada Highway.  You will then follow Inter Provincial Hwy where you will make a left turn on No 4 Rd. You will follow No 4 until you make a left turn back on to Boundary Rd and then a right on to Yarrow Central Road.  You will ride back the same way, heading back through Yarrow to transition at the lake.

ABOVE: Last climb into Cultus Lake Park. This hill is approx 250 meters long.

ABOVE: What you will see as you enter Cultus Lake Park. Cyclists head straight, riding over the bridge with traffic, returning to transition.


The run course is a one loop course for the Sprint and a two loop course for the Olympic distance.

ABOVE: The start of the run course is along the Cultus Lake Path. 

ABOVE: Looking back at the run route  that runs along the Lake.

ABOVE: Section through Cultus Lake residential.

ABOVE: Run return route. This is a one way street, runners will be running the same direction as vehicle traffic. Athletes participating in the Sprint distance will run through the finish chute and Olympic distance athletes will turn left for their second loop.

ABOVE: This picture is from transition, looking at the lake.