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Q: Where is Cultus Lake located?

A: Cultus Lake is a popular recreational lake that is located in Cultus Lake Park, 10km south of the city of Chilliwack and is 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Vancouver. This breathtaking provincial park and resort area is one of the primary summertime destinations in southern British Columbia, and has been among the most popular tourist areas in the Fraser Valley for more than a century.

Q: Why choose Cultus Lake as the location, and September as the date?

A: We were looking for a race site in the Lower Mainland that offered a great venue to host an event. Also, the timing of the race allows many athletes to finish their season with an open water swim. This serves as a good way to close out the season and race with friends in a beautiful setting.

We chose September because Cultus Lake Park gets over a million visitors each year between the May long weekend and the September long weekend. The race date following the September long weekend was one of the conditions of approval by the Cultus Lake Parks Board. 

Q: What will the weather be like?

A: Well we can't make any guarantees but the past weather was as follows:

2008 - 25 degrees and sunny

2007- 29 degrees and sunny

2006 - 26 degrees and sunny

Did we mention that it is usually sunny in September???

Q: Where should I stay? 

A: For answers to this question, check out our Host Communities Page. There are cottages for rent at Cultus Lake as well as a campground on Cultus Lake right near the transition area. Also, the Best Western in Chilliwack has signed on as a race partner and is offering a great room rate for Friday and Saturday night of race weekend.

Q: What is the bike course like? 

A: The bike course map is being done for us and will be posted shortly. About 800m from transition there is a gradual climb out of Cultus Lake. Cyclists then continue on Columbia Valley Rd towards Chilliwack which is followed by a downhill stretch taking you to Vedder Rd. There is a climb on the way back about 3 km from transition and then you ride downhill to the lake. Other than these climbs mentioned it is a flat and fast course. 

Q: Can I register on race day? 

A: No race day registration will be accepted. You must register online by midnight on September 6th or paper registration will be accepted until close of package pickup on Saturday September 7, 2013. 

Q: Can I pick up my package on race day? 

A: Packages will be available to pickup on Sunday between 6:00-7.30. No packages will be available to pickup between 7:30-8:00 as it will be to close to race start. 

Q: Can I transfer my registration to another person or take a friend’s registration that isn’t able to race?

A: Event entry fees are not transferable to another person. Any purchase or transfer of registration other than through Outback Events management compromises the sanctioning and insurance of the event through TriBC.

Q: What is the $15 race day fee?

A: It is the fee to cover you to race the course under TriBC’s insurance for the day. If you are a TriBC member or and ATA member, the insurance is covered with your membership. We will have a list of all members as of the day before the race to ensure we have everyone’s membership numbers to match the ID card shown.

Q: Why is it an absolute rule that I have to show picture ID to pick up my package?

A: When you sign the registration form, we are entering into a contract with each other stating that I am going to put on a race and you are the person going to be racing that day. TriBC as our insurer has that list, and that is the athlete who is covered for the day. If we were to not check picture ID and have someone pickup a package and race under someone else’s name and get injured, our insurance company would not cover the race or athlete do to them not being the insured racer.

Q: Is it true that my family and friends can join me for lunch after I have raced?

A: We know that the biggest part of an athlete’s success is the family and friends that they have behind them, supporting them every step of the way. There have been many races that I have waited around for Joe to finish, starving, and when he does I get to look at him through a fence while he has lunch. Joe and I swore we wouldn’t let that happen at our races, so everyone can join you for lunch and share in that part of the race experience, and all we ask is for a small donation.