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Course Information:

Course certification will be completed prior to the event.

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  • 2013 Race Start Time is 7:00 AM at Legion Beach.

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    Click here to view the TRIBC Rule Summary for the rules that we see the most infractions for on race day.

    Schedule of Events

    Race Package Pick-Up and Race Expo 

    Saturday, July 6th @ Sonora Community Center
    68th Street, Osoyoos B.C.
    (Beside Osoyoos Elementary)
    Time: 1:00 - 5:00 pm

    Note: You must pickup your own Race Package and you must have valid ID along with proof of your TRIBC or ATA membership to receive your package.

    Pre Race Meeting

    The pre race meeting will be held from 5-6 pm on Saturday July 8th at the Sonora Community Center at the same location as Package Pick-up.

    Bike Check-in

    Athletes must check their bikes in on Saturday. Bikes can be checked into transition between 1-5 or 6-7 on Saturday. Please respect the direction of the volunteers. Family Members will not be allowed into transition with you when checking in your bike.

    Please make sure that you pick up your athlete package at registration before going to transition to check your bike to your rack. If athletes show up at transition to rack their bikes and do not have an athlete band on & without a matching bike frame number, they will not be allowed in transition.

    There is no mandatory bike inspection before the race.

    Course Cut-Off Times

    Due to restrictions of municipal permits, race insurance and volunteer staffing, all participants must remain on pace to complete Desert Half Iron Triathlon in 8 hours (or as close).  

    Transition Area

    The transition area is located in Jack Shaw Gardens, which is located at the corner of Kingfisher Drive and 89th Street. When checking your bike in on Saturday or arriving for body marking on Sunday, please enter transition off of 89th Street.

    The transition area will be open on race day at 5:30 am.  Only athletes who are wearing their wristband and are body marked will be allowed access. Any bike not properly displaying the bike frame number will be removed from the transition area during the swim. You will not be allowed access to the transition area to reclaim your bicycle and gear until after the last athlete has started the run.  

    Family & friends are NOT allowed in transition 

    Swim 2.0 km

    The bike start cut-off time is 1:10 hour after the final wave start. All participants should have the ability to swim 1.2 miles in open water in 45 minutes. We will not stop anyone after the swim if they are feeling fine and ready to ride in a reasonable time, even if they drift past an hour. The cut-off time is posted in case for example a hypothermic swimmer waits an hour in a blanket and then decides to ride. We cannot support a rider who is an hour behind the pack!

    Bike 90 km

    Due to concerns from entrants, we will extend the bike course cutoff time to 5:15 after the final wave start (1:15pm).  The run course sweeps will leave approximately 15 minutes after the last runner departs.








    You will be stopped due to cutoff times if:

    • Race staff deems you in no condition to continue,
    • You are far behind the next to last athlete,
    • The sweeps have departed transition.

    Note: There are two police and flagger controlled intersections on the Desert bike course. Congestion is anticipated and it is imperative that the race does everything possible to harmonize with the local community.

    We will be opening up these intersections to normal traffic flow in advance of a rider pushing the edge of the cutoff time. This means you may find yourself having to obey traffic laws at the busy intersections of 79th street and 93rd street (opening at 1:20pm).  A race vehicle will proceed at cutoff time pace to inform you of your position and open the intersections.

    Run 21.1 km

    There will be a run course cut-off time at the run turnaround (10.5Km) at 6:45 after the final wave start. No one will be allowed to proceed with the second loop of the run after the cut off. The official race finish is 8:00 after the final wave start.