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Persona Desert Half Iron Refund Policy 2009

The refund deadline for the 2009 Persona Desert Half Iron has now passed and we will no longer be issuing refunds for this event.

We will consider a refund, race entry minus $60, if requested via email on or before February 28, 2009. We must receive any refund requests prior to this date. Any refund requests on or after March 1, 2009 will not be issued.

*Please do not contact Events on Line for a refund of your entry fee as they do not process refunds for our events.

*No Race Transfers

*No Rollovers

*Selling of your race entry is strictly prohibited

Why do we have such strict policies? When you as an athlete register, our event company begins preparing to make our race the best possible experience we can. Whether it's hiring police, security, buying t-shirts, athlete bags and so on, we incur expenses immediately, regardless if you race.  This means understanding that when you sign the registration form you are entering into a contract with us, agreeing to the terms and policies that are set out. That includes agreeing to our refund policy that we clearly have stated before registering, please read carefully so that you understand the conditions if you do have to withdraw.

Thank you for your understanding!

Joe & Sarah